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Running for political office in 2016 to rock the foundations of status quo & get rid of all those PoliticHo's.

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If we will not endure a King as a political power,
we should NOT endure a king over the production,
transportation and sale of any necessaries of life

Senator John Sherman

Sunday, May 12, 2013

1st campaign ad for 2016 Presidential election

Creativity Video - one take, cheap digital camera, shot on the run! 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: So all you fancy pants, film school intellectuals can go #*~> street *#_ theater \^#*! yourselves. 
GET BUSY if you want change. Y'know, CHANGE! 
If I've harmed anyone's tender sensibilities, I could apologize after every outburst... ya bunch of fuck'n whiny, bitch ass cowards (sorry) lol.

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